Calgary, AB July Events

Here in Canada, we know what it’s like to sit inside our homes, palms pressed to a frost-painted windowpane in the most frozen throes of the winter months, pining for the day that the sun warms up so we finally can liberate ourselves and enjoy some warmer weather. Well, that warmer weather is here, and with it comes some truly excellent summer festivals worth attending this July. As your Calgary dealership, we recommend the following July events in and around Calgary, AB:

Pet-a-Palooza – For all those dog people out there, this event allows visitors to witness all sorts of athletic dog events, ranging from fly ball shows to bulldog races. There also are 80+ pet-related exhibitors in attendance for you to enjoy the latest gadgets, toys, and treats for your beloved animals.

Calgary International Blues Festival – Starting at the end of July and spilling into early August, this year’s Blues Fest will feature Big Bill Morganfield, who happens to be the son of blues great Muddy Waters, as well as legends like Bob Hall and Lil Jimmy Reed. If you like to hear real experts play the guitar, this is the place to do it!

Calgary Stampede – And, of course, Calgary in July isn’t complete without a trip to the Calgary Stampede. Enjoy the rodeo shows, or just come for the carnival atmosphere and rides, but either way this Calgary staple is too good to miss this July!

All you have to do is hop into your new Nissan vehicle to make the most of these fantastic events this summer. We long for the warmth of July, so now that it’s here make sure you get up to Calgary, AB this summer and make the most of the great weather!

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