Summer Sports & Activities Near Okotoks, AB

When you’re a kid, nothing is more exciting than the last day school and the summer that ensues, and while for most adults that summer vacation goes away, it doesn’t stop any of us from feeling that same excitement as the weather warms up and we finally get to escape our homes and make the most of this great province in which we live in.

In fact, there are literally hundreds of great things for Alberta Nissan customers to do in and around Okotoks and Calgary, AB this summer, either on their own or with friends or family.

Olympic Oval – Even though it’s been a long time since Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics, the oval skating track from the 1988 Winter Games still is in great working condition. Starting in July, the indoor ice rink is available to the public every weekend from 12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Rafting the Elbow River – If you’re more a fan of outdoor activities, take your kids to the Elbow River for some rafting. It’s the easier of the area’s raft excursions, but still a lot of fun on a hot day when you don’t mind getting a little wet.

Slide the City – This event is a one-off on July 30, but it sounds too cool not to mention. Register now to take part in Slide the City turning a huge chunk of 10th Street in Calgary into a humongous slip and slide. We promise you’ve never seen anything like it, and it will make your summer if you participate!

Hop into your Nissan Murano or Nissan Altima this summer and make the most of what this area has to offer. There really are some fun things to do around here this time of year, and we hope your Nissan vehicle will get you were you need to be for all of them!

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