Nissan Vehicles Offer Top-Rate Technology

When it comes to technology, we provide Okotoks Nissan customers with some of the best in the industry. From the Nissan Sentra to the Nissan Optima, Calgary, AB drivers can enjoy more (and more advanced) technology than ever before, and the following are five of our customers’ favorites:

Lane Departure Warning – Everybody drifts out of their lane once in a while, either due to inattention or drowsiness, but this warning makes sure you do a whole lot less of it. This is a technology that should help cut down dramatically on accidents.

Zero-Gravity Car Seat – Believe it or not, the seats in Nissan vehicles are designed to mimic the zero-gravity seats that exist in NASA spacecraft. It provides a “fatigue-free” ride and a whole lot of comfort.

Front and Rear Wide-View Monitors – Plenty of cars have rearview monitors these days, but certain Nissan models offer front and rear view monitors, both of which offer wider angles than standard. With these views, parking lot fender benders can be all but eliminated.

Idling stop – When a Nissan vehicle comes to a complete stop, rather than idling and wasting fuel, it will momentarily turn off the engine to help conserve more fuel.

Forest Air Conditioning System – Older cars either freeze out passengers or turn the cabin of the vehicle into a sweat box, but this climate control system was designed to more closely mimic nature, meaning a more comfortable drive for everyone.

As you can see from these features,  a lot of thought and hard work goes into making Nissan vehicles so fantastic. Interested in checking out these tech features in person? Stop by Okotoks Nissan for a test drive! We look forward to matching you to a stylish, safe, and comfortable vehicle that will keep you connected and entertained.

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