Ways That Okotoks Nissan Serves Our Community

Calgary Community

Here at Okotoks Nissan, we pride ourselves not only on selling automobiles that people absolutely adore, but also on being the sort of Nissan dealership that serves its Okotoks, AB community and takes great care of its customers on a daily basis. In the “About Us” section of our website, we spell this out completely, but since you’re already here, allows us to share a few ways in which we feel like we’re very much in tune with our customers and our community.

Woman to Woman – We have made a concerted effort to hire more female sales associates to help prove that this industry isn’t just for men anymore. More and more women are buying cars for themselves, and more and more women are getting into the sales and service tech areas for careers. We, naturally, want to support that.

Earth Friendliness – We are as environmentally friendly as our manufacturer, as we focus on things like proper disposal of fluids, eco-friendly paint booths, and all sorts of recycling. We take care of the environment with the same care as we do our customers!

Strong Online Presence – We’re all over social media, which we’ve found is a great way to initiate community outreach and stay in touch with our customers. Plus, our website is modern and easy-to-use, too, providing all sorts of convenient services online.

There is, of course, a lot more to what makes this such a great place to work (and to buy a car), and we’d like to talk with you more about that in person. Stop by for a test drive or just a friendly chat any time, and we’ll help you get the new Nissan vehicle you’ve long wanted and long deserved!

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