Winter Driving Tips From Okotoks Nissan


It’s November, which means it’s about to get really cold here in Okotoks, AB, and of course when the weather gets bad, so too do driving conditions. Driving the right kind of automobile, like a 2017 Nissan Pathfinder or 2017 Nissan TITAN XD, is a great start in making it through the winter months as safely possible, but following a few other winter safety tips also could go a long way toward keeping Okotoks Nissan customers safe from now through the impending warmth of spring.

Take Your Time

Too many people want to drive as though there is no snow or ice on the ground throughout the winter months, and that’s just not the way safe driving works. Accelerate slowly, and then decelerate slowly. No appointment is worth ending up in a ditch or worse.

Beyond that, though, drivers are much better off avoiding cruise control on slick roads, as it completely takes away control of traction and braking. It’s also important to watch out for bridges and overpasses, which ice over more quickly than roads, and keeping an eye on the weather for your route will help you avoid some of the biggest storms, especially when driving isn’t absolutely necessary.

Prep Your Vehicle

As your Okotoks Nissan dealership, we also would recommend investing in winter tires, but at the very least it’s essential that you check your tires’ tread and inflation levels to make sure they’re good to go for undesirable road conditions.

It starts with a simple winter tune-up, but safe winter driving extends well beyond that. Here at Okotoks Nissan, we care about customers, and we certainly do hope that you all take good care of yourselves and your vehicles this winter driving season.

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