A La Nina Winter is Coming – Prep at Okotoks Nissan

2016 Nissan Rogue

According to expert weather forecasters, this winter could be a tough one for Alberta because a serious La Niña system may be on the way. If you don’t already know, a La Niña is the cool version of the famed El Niño system that brings incredible heat. These systems combine below average ocean temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific with a strong northern jet stream and a weak southern jet stream. The product of all of this is extra moisture being trapped in the northern tier of North America. It turns out that the Calgary, AB area, and our Okotoks Nissan dealership should be smack in the path of this season’s La Niña. It is for that reason that we are now trying to let all our customers know about our “A ‘La Nina; Winter is Coming” tire special. Let’s take a closer look at how we are helping you prepare for what could be a particularly snowy Alberta winter.

In order to get your used or new Nissan ready to drive the snowy roads of High River, AB, the experts at Okotoks Nissan put together our “A ‘La Nina; Winter is Coming” tire special. When you purchase a set of four tires from us you get:

  • Six months of free tire storage in our Nissan Tire Hotel. This includes transportation, inspection, cleaning, and storage.
  • A Tire Road Hazard Agreement that gives you peace of mind and covers things like repair and replacement, 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and wheel/rim protection
  • A $25 gift card

This offer goes great with all our winter appropriate vehicles including the 2016 Nissan Rogue which give drivers in the Calgary, AB area intuitive all-wheel drive, active ride control, active trace control, and active engine braking. Of course, no matter which Nissan you choose, Okotoks Nissan is committed to keeping you on the road, even if we are hit hard by a La Niña system this winter. To learn more about this deal or any of the offers from Okotoks Nissan, please contact us today.

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