Canada’s Most Affordable New Car, the 2015 Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

In March of this year, less than a year after its return to the Canadian market, the 2015 Nissan Micra reached a sales milestone of 9,998 units – coinciding with the subcompact’s starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of just $9,998. Sales of the 2015 Nissan Micra surpassed the 10,000 unit mark on March 31st for a grand total of 10,265. Nissan also announced that the Micra offers the lowest cost of ownership in its class, according to results released from a recent Vincentric study.

“Small cars are a dominant part of Nissan’s DNA and have been since the company’s first cars rolled off in assembly line in Japan in 1935. Here we are 80 years later, celebrating a subcompact car that maintains that Japanese heritage in its durability, but also blends in European styling, punctuated with several features tailored for Canadians, by Canadians,” says Christian Meunier, president of Nissan Canada.

“The Nissan Micra is exceptional for those three characteristics, but what stands out the most are its undeniable value proposition, and it’s fun-to-drive personality. I am thrilled to report such a stellar first year for Micra, a car that has taken Canada by storm.”

Since rejoining the line-up last May, the 2015 Nissan Micra experienced an evolution by crossing into a number of automotive realms including: rally racing in Targa Newfoundland 2014; a stylish new trim in the Micra KROM; and an entirely new Canadian racing series based on the base Micra S – the Nissan Micra Cup which launches on May 22nd in Quebec.

The Nissan Micra made history last year as a new vehicle with the lowest starting MSRP in Canada, and also offering the lowest cost-of-entry for an abundance of must-have features including: Bluetooth, Rear View Monitor, cruise control, manual air conditioning and automatic transmission. The combination of Micra being fun-to-drive, and its unbeatable value proved to resonate with Canadians.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, Nissan grabbed the lead of the subcompact segment with an average market share of 20 per cent with sales of Versa Note and Micra combined. Micra continues to be in demand in 2015 with an average 14 per cent market share in the segment, and 26 per cent when combined with Versa Note. The next adventure for Micra was one of the most exciting in its history– participating in the Grand Touring Division in Targa Newfoundland 2014. Two base model Micra’s – with no modifications except an installed fire extinguisher – rose to the challenge and successfully tackled over 1,600 kilometres each, meandering the often demanding Newfoundland roads.

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