Why the art of design is critical to Nissan’s future!

Nissan today wants its newest Murano to revisit the glory of its first – a ground-breaking cross-over with a massive glass greenhouse and a fuel-saving continuously variable transmission.

As Nissan Canada’s senior product planner, Bert Brooks, says: “We really want to reset the product and take it back to what the first-gen stood for – a breakthrough product.” That Murano was the first Nissan to get the full Nakamura touch, from its curvy backside to its bold front end, to the utter lack of straight lines.

Still, the Murano has not been a chart-busting bestseller. Annual sales have stayed in the 4,000-5,000 range in a segment of intermediate sport-utility vehicles, where the most popular models find 15,000-30,000 buyers or thereabouts.

“We want to move [the 2015 Murano] away from being a niche player,” Brooks says. “We want to make it more a volume player.”

This Murano is handsome and clearly reflects the latest Nissan design language. Nissan types say the side view creates an energetic, flowing feel, while the “boomerang” rear lamp design is dynamic and sharp. It has presence, right down to wheels that fill up the arches to within millimetres. But given the rumours swirling that Nakamura, at 64, is closing in on retirement, is this the “legacy” design for which Nakamura wants to be remembered? Or is there something else coming?

Bet on something else, something even more bold from the design house Nakamura built.


Article Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/culture/commentary/why-the-murano-and-the-art-of-design-remain-critical-to-nissans-future/article22157073/


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