Nissan Returns to the Super Bowl for XLIX 2015!

Nissan announced that it will join the starting lineup of advertisers for NBC’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2015. Nissan last aired a Super Bowl commercial in 1997. The return to major events such as the Super Bowl is part of Nissan’s “Big Moments” marketing strategy – an approach that has helped drive Nissan’s current sales and brand awareness growth.

“This is a great time for Nissan to make a big brand statement in front of one of the largest global audiences of the year,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing and Operations U.S., Nissan North America, Inc. “Nissan is on pace for its best sales year ever in the United States – and that’s with five weeks still to go in 2014. We’re not about to let up on the accelerator now, or in 2015, with the upcoming launches of the all-new 2015 Nissan Murano crossover and several other critical new vehicles.”

“Our approach of using fewer yet bigger moments is already paying off,” explained Diaz. “Along with returning to Super Bowl XLIX, Nissan will have a major presence in the NCAA College Playoffs – a natural extension of our popular Heisman House campaign – and the NFL Playoffs. And, we’ve expanded our multimedia engagement with NBC’s ‘The Voice,’ as well as our continuing with our fourth season of Nissan’s robust virtual-to-reality motorsport program, GT Academy, airing on SPIKE TV, MTV2 and Hulu.”

“Consumers are going to be hearing a lot about Nissan, and our bold new models like Murano, throughout the next few months building up to Feb. 1,” said Diaz. “We’re going big, and there’s no bigger moment than the Super Bowl.”


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