First Nissan Leaf Taxi Arrives in Rome!

Electric taxis may become an ordinary sight in Europe’s major cities, with Nissan delivering the first Leaf cabs to Rome and Madrid and the first e-NV200 taxis to Barcelona.

The first two Nissan Leaf taxis were delivered to Italy’s capital with the help of taxi company Unione Radiotaxi of Rome. The electric vehicles will operate in Rome for a trial period of one year as part of the Taxi 3570 fleet, but given their limited driving range compared to normal taxis and the undeveloped charging infrastructure in the city, the Leafs will be supported by a mobile quick charging station.

A Nissan NV400 has been converted into a mobile charging station, with the vehicle having batteries on board to provide power to the Leaf taxis in the city when necessary. With 130 lithium-iron-tetraphosphate batteries, holding 100 kWh of renewable solar energy, the CHAdeMO compatible NV400 conversion can charge one of the Taxi 3570’s LEAF from 30 percent to 80 percent in just 15 minutes.

The first Nissan Leaf taxi has also arrived in Spain’s capital Madrid, with a welcoming event held at Puerta del Sol, where the “Zero KM” measuring starting point of all the Spanish roads is located.

Nissan also delivered the first three e-NV200 taxis to Barcelona, the city where the electric van is built. The delivery took place during the Expo-electric Formula-e event, one of the most important meetings on sustainable mobility in Europe.


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