What to expect with the 2015 Nissan Frontier Diesel!

What is the Nissan Frontier Diesel?
Known as the Navara in Asia, the original Frontier debuted in North America in 1986. Up until 2004, it was considered a compact truck. The current generation, which was introduced in 2004 is now classified as a midsize pickup.

Nissan Frontier Diesel Price & Specs
Rumour has it that the next Frontier could be based on the early D22 platform from 1997.

Inside and Out of the Nissan Frontier Diesel
Unlike the concept truck debuted at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the Frontier Diesel Runner that boasted eye-catching graphics, a colourful interior, and a transparent hood.

Driving the Nissan Frontier Diesel

The engine is a reworked version of the existing 2.8L and is a prototype developed specifically for this project. A great deal of the diesel engine’s torque is concentrated down low in its powerband, giving the Frontier a lot of thrust off the line. Presumably there will be extensive tuning to broaden the powerband before it’s production ready. Nissan claims this powertrain will offer a 35% improvement in fuel economy, in no small part thanks to the ZF-sourced 8-speed transmission. Smoothing out the power delivery will go a long way towards reaching that goal.

General Motors is stepping up to the plate with soon-to-arrive diesel powertrains in their midsize GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado — and in the same 2.8L 4-cylinder configuration as the Frontier’s.

Despite being a work-in-progress, the diesel-powered Frontier is an impressive idea that makes good sense in the quest to lower overall fuel consumption numbers.


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