First Impressions of the 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo!

At a recent model testing of Nissan’s entire current lineup, people were able to get a first-hand impression ranging from the tiny Micra to the mighty Titan pickup. Needless to say, the waiting period to climb into any of the available GT-R sports coupes was a lengthy one.

Nissan’s two-door sports coupe, which replaced the iconic Skyline, first rolled off the production line in 2007. Promptly nicknamed “Godzilla” by salivating fans, the GT-R was an instant hit for its raw power and uniquely Japanese design. Notching it up even more, Nissan’s performance arm just released a Nismo GT-R: a genuine track-worthy supercar that’s equally at home on the road.

The driver-focused cabin boasts red-stitched Nismo seats with aggressive bolstering and suede trim to help keep you planted during spirited driving manoeuvres. The fat and grippy steering wheel is racecar derived, with proper thumb indents and a red maker to indicate top dead-center.

There’s a two-tone ivory option or a Premium Interior package with Red Amber semi-aniline leather, with red accents throughout. The 11-speaker Bose audio system also features active noise cancellation.

Previous drives of the GT-R left me feeling that although it was a car that was undeniably thrilling, one could quickly grow tired of its gnashing and whining, frantic pace, and rather punishing ride. Re-engineered for 2015, the GT-R has evolved into a superb sports car that still offers exceptional performance without sacrificing road manners.

Extra insulation, along with the Bose noise cancellation, help with road noise reduction, there’s still the thrilling aural symphony accompanying hard downshifts, but less drone during regular driving.

Steering has been recalibrated to require less turning effort at low speeds. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be overly boosted and felt just heavy enough to impart a sense of confidence through the serpentine back roads. Shod with Dunlop tires, the GT-R Nismo stuck like glue to the pavement. The dual-clutch transmission shifts with the hard accuracy of a Gatling gun: it’s thrilling and guttural all at once.


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