Ultraman’s new source of Power: Electric Vehicles!

Who’s childhood consisted of ultraman? Now your favorite EV has been sucked in too! It only makes sense though, both such eco friendly, they were bound to join at sometime.

Japanese Superhero Ultraman uses stored solar power to fight against the forces of galactic evil. In his latest TV adventure, his earthly defense team will rely on a new zero-emission source for mobility: electric vehicles.

The Japanese cosmic giant and Defense Team UPG will use reconfigured Nissan EVs, a Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 – in the 16-part “Ultraman Ginga S” TV series, set to air from mid-July in Japan.

The new TV Tokyo series is the latest iteration of the positively charged character that first appeared in 1966. To celebrate the new season and ultra zero-emissions mobility, photo sessions for the two decked-out EVs will be held at Tokyo Big Site from Wednesday in conjunction with Tsuburaya Productions.

The video below gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Nissan EVs as they were transformed, as well as innovations such as the Autonomous Drive EV mode for the UPG team.


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