Next Generation Nissan Murano Spotted!

Image with 2015 Nissan

Latest images of the third generation Nissan Murano have come in as the vehicle in undergoing tests. Even though this vehicle is road worthy, Nissan claims that they will launch the vehicle only in 2015 as various other parameters need to be checked before a final launch plan is underway. Nissan claims that they do not plan on limiting Murano sales to America alone, indicating that they could be looking for sales in Europe too.

Insiders are however probing market conditions and needs as the Murano needs to be custom tuned to the markets it will be heading too. Nissan has not confirmed plans to modify vehicles according to different global market scenario although we expect minor changes in specifications in vehicles headed for different markets. Evaluating the potential of a vehicle is an important step before it can be launched in a market while Nissan is currently working things out.2015-Nissan-Murano-spotted_2195

This is the first time that the interior of this vehicle have been captured on camera although various details may still be under wraps. The exterior is heavily camouflaged and hence very little is currently known. However its head lamps seem to be inspired from the Resonance Concept, shown at the Detroit Motor Show 2012. This could be a production variant of this concept although Nissan is keeping mum as of now.

Nissan is offering a 3.5 liter V6 petrol engine on this vehicle in America although it would need to provide other economic options if it were to sell in Europe. Diesels and hybrids are more popular in the UK while smaller petrol engines also seem to be doing pretty well across Europe. A sophisticated hybrid is what’s needed to appeal to European customers although trim levels and equipment structures are needed here.

Nissan has followed this policy in the past with the X Trail and they are hence aware of what needs to be done. The price point and fuel economy are important and those are being worked out currently. Nissan is also planning to launch a revamped Qashqai based on modern equipments and technology although the plan is still under wraps at the moment.2015-Nissan-Murano-front_4837

Its new Murano could be a flag ship model as it launches as there are no other SUVs in class to compete with this vehicle. Nissan itself has no other vehicles to bridge the gap between this and the Qashqai currently. Nissan faced some very dire financial difficulties in the past and the second generation Murano was hence removed from production. However, current market scenarios are in favor of a large scale SUV, which pushed Nissan to re-launch its Murano.

Expansion plans are currently in mind although we are not sure what Nissan will work on in future. However, we are in constant conversation with insiders and top officials hence are in line with inside information. We expect further news from Nissan by year end. Hence, come back soon and visit this column as we will bring you updated news before others.


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