2016 Nissan GT-R Nismo!


The car is ready to jump and face all the twists and turns of every track in the world, easily mastering its new 600 hp. Godzilla just got meaner. Nismo is the abbreviation for Nissan Motorsport, Nissan’s performance branch. The small department has created, for the past 30 years, the racing cars that marked the builder’s victories on all types of tracks. It’s that know-how is being integrated to some of the production models.

While the regular GT-R acquires more maturity, showcasing new headlights, the ensemble hasn’t evolved much. In fact, the Nissan GT-R keeps its super-car personality that makes the heads turn.2015-Nissan-GT-R-Nismo-69

With the Nismo version, including the basic changes, all the elements have been reunited to spell out performance. The use of aerodynamics has been maximized with the use carbon fiber components at the front and in the side skirts, to improve the ground effect. Carbon is also a key element of the trunk lid that receives an impressive spoiler.

In the cabin, other than the hugging and übersporty seats, covered in Alcantara leather, the changes are non-existent. It’s under its dress that the GT-R Nismo has evolved the most. Mechanically, it can reach 600 hp thanks to a bigger turbo, taken directly from the racing series GT3. The injection system has also been modified to better manage the fuel.

The suspensions are better adapted to performance driving, the frame is stiffer to avoid torsions due to the power, and the wheels and tires, exclusive to the GT-R, have also been modified. So the look is sportier, but the mechanic takes it even further.

One small detail; the display of the functions has been modified in the GT-R. The connoisseurs will remember the big, multifunction central gauge that displayed all the racing data and the performance of each mechanical component.

The unique look has been kept (it had been conceived by Sony alongside the launch o   f Gran Turismo a few years ago), but things have been pushed a little further; the display of the data analysis and of the race timer has become standard on the GT-R Nismo. You will say that it’s normal, for a car with a racetrack-oriented personality. Interesting finding; it will also be possible to make laps on the track with the actual car, save the data on a USB key and download the information and relive the experience virtually, with the new Gran Turismo game coming up.2016-nissan-gt-r-r-36-gearheads2

The Nissan GT-R Nismo is a real, pure-breed beast. Its regular sister, that offers the same turbo engine, all-wheel-drive system and precise steering, has however been more comfortable to drive on the road when compared to the former generation.

It underwent only minor modifications and offers the same great power, without the feeling of a heavy handling. It even proved to be very comfortable for long rides on the Japanese roads.

The Nissan GT-R Premium will be available in Canada in 2014, as a 2015 model, but we will have to wait for 2015 (as a 2016 model) to see the Nismo versions hit the market, being a limited-production model.


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