Nissan`s Taxi Hits the Streets of London


Over the last 12 months, the new NV200 London Taxi has been undergoing an intensive development process by Nissan engineers. At the same time, Nissan’s design center in Paddington has been applying the finishing touches to an iconic new exterior for the cab, penned especially for the Capital.

Now Nissan has begun London-specific real-world testing of its new NV200 Taxi, with the aim of making it the most reliable, economical and user-friendly Hackney Carriage the Capital has ever seen. Now in its final specification, the NV200 London Taxi enters the last phase of its testing process – hitting the streets of the city where it will spend its working life.nissan_taxi_london_02

Based on the NV200 compact van, the taxi version has been d   esigned from the inside out for the well being of passengers, drivers and even other road-users.

Sliding doors give easy, safe access to the five-passenger rear interior, while other highlights include a glass roof (so that those onboard can enjoy the view of the city), rear air-conditioning and even plug-in ports for charging smartphones. It all adds up to the most advanced and enjoyable London cab yet.

Nissan can also announce that the Glyn Hopkin dealer group has been selected to sell, service and maintain the NV200 London Taxi.

“Glyn Hopkin has a long relationship with Nissan, providing expert customer service to new and used buyers,” explained Nissan GB Managing Director Jim Wright. “And with a new dedicated facility to be opened next year, it’s ideally placed to apply that experience to serving taxi drivers.”nissan_taxi_london_01

Glyn Hopkin, Chairman of the Glyn Hopkin Group, added: “We’re very proud to be selected to sell, service and maintain the new NV200 London Taxi. It’s an iconic and very exciting vehicle. We’re looking forward to looking after the needs of our new taxi customers.”

Nissan will reveal the final look of the new NV200 London Taxi at an event before the end of the year. Designed to be instantly recognizable as a London taxi, it gets a bespoke “face” with distinctive and modern lighting, plus a new grille and bumper treatment over the regular NV200. The exterior certainly isn’t the only part that has had the bespoke treatment, though; everything has been taken into consideration to ensure it can meet the demands of life as a London taxi.


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