Temperature Sensative Paint on a Nissan Skyline!

Screen202013-10-072012.27.01 PM

Remember those mood rings that were so popular back in the day? The ones that came with a fancy stone in the middle that apparently changed color, depending on your mood? You probably already know by now that those rings didn’t really change in color based on your mood; rather, they turned from one shade to another because of the temperature.nissan-skyline-with-heat-sensitive-paint-wows-internet-video-photo-gallery_13

This crazy paint job on a Nissan Skyline S2 R33 from the United Kingdom that has had a whole-body re-spray done using only special temperature-sensitive paint.

This isn’t the first time heat-sensitive paint was used to paint a car, but it’s uncommon to find the entire car painted all over with it.

The effect you get is a distinctly black finish when stone cold, then as things gradually heat up, its hue moves more towards the color orange – as you can see in the opening photo, pouring cold water over it or the heat from one’s palm are sufficient to trigger the reactive paint to work its magic.

Keep in mind, though, that its properties fade in time, and the more it has to work and change, it will get progressively weaker in its reaction



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